Zero Energy Ready Home & The Environment

Zero Energy Ready Home & The Environment 

A U.S. Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home is a high performance home which is so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption. Renewable energy is increasingly becoming a more popular option for homeowners because of the dramatic drop in the cost of wind and solar photovoltaic systems, and the increase in the cost of electricity. But remember, always put the focus on energy efficiency before you make the investment into renewable energy. 

How can Zero Energy Ready Homes help the environment? U.S. buildings account for nearly 40% of the nation's man-made carbon dioxide emissions, 18% of the nitrogen oxide emissions, and 55% of the sulfur dioxide emissions. These emissions, primarily from electricity generation, in turn contribute to smog, acid rain, haze, and global climate change. Improving the efficiency of the nation's buildings can play a significant role in reducing pollution. If you are concerned about pollution and the impacts to the environment, you should consider a Zero Energy Ready Home.
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Dave Robau, LEED AP

Building Scientist 

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